Walk on the beach; Musings.

Yesterday, morning I went for a walk by the beach. Have I mentioned this before? We live like 10 minutes away from the beach.

The weather was cool. The middle east winters are wonderful. Just enough sunshine to keep you warm, just enough chill to stop the mugginess.

I walked for a while, right along the beach. I found this extremely soothing, like a deep meditation. I really needed this because lately I was feeling really stressed, and burnt out.

Just the sound of gentle waves, the calming breeze, the white sea gulls, the sight of footprints being washed away on the sand, they really help me put things in perspective. I know it’s cliche, but sometimes many of our worries truly don’t matter. They are just there for a while, just like those footprints.


As I breathed in the fresh air, I felt a lot of the weight lifting off of my shoulders. I felt light. And I want to make this a part of my routine, the walks on the beach.

Yesterday reminded me of a song, I love very much but haven’t listened to in a really long time.

Life for Rent https://g.co/kgs/wCWjWt

I guess now I kinda “live by the sea”. Now, I need to travel the world and “live more simply”.

Until next time


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