Scary Stuff ; An Anecdote.

I have a thing against the horror genre, horror movies, books, even scary music raises my hackles to an extreme.

I have stayed away from these for almost all my life, after I watched a scary movie aged 9 and was traumatized for life.

This fear of mine was well known among my family and friends when I was younger, but as I have gotten older , I have become adept at hiding this particular pet peeve.

While in college, I watched the movie “The Sixth Sense” which is not even that scary. But, later on I was so terrified, I couldn’t walk by myself on an open balcony to get to my room (yeah! yeah! roll your eyes all you want).

Then there was the time, I unwittingly read ” Carrie” by Stephen King, completely unaware about the genre.

That book was so awesome, and so terrifying at the same time, I didn’t know whether to continue with it or burn it. Afterwards, I can’t count the number of times I have woken up having nightmares of being telekinesed, telekinetised ? ( moved around randomly by someones else’s mind.)

Another time, my younger brother (aged 9 at the time) who knows about this phobia of mine , asked me to watch “Paranormal Activity” with him. I refused point blank, at which point he and his friend proceeded to tie me to a chair and made me watch that damn movie.Yeah! Sweet, understanding, brotherly love! While watching it, I was not that freaked out, and I put on a brave face and proclaimed that the movie was not scary at all. But once we went to bed, and the lights were off, I couldn’t sleep a wink.

I imagined being dragged out of bed , by my feet by some invisible, paranormal force? Ghost? Years ,later my brother confessed, he was wide awake, shaking and terrified in the nearby bed. Haha! Karma!

Stephen King was too good an author for me to pass up, even though most of his books are horror novels. I read so many glowing reviews about “The Shining”, and one of my friends (who is a horror fanatic) convinced me to give it a go.

It was such a mesmerising read, which narrates horrifying incidents from a 5 year old’s point of view. Chilling!

All was well again, till I went to bed and for no particular reason started thinking about a scene in which , the bushes and shrubs, come alive and start chasing the protagonist trying to keep him inside the hotel.

It was so vivid in my imagination, and I dozed off with these thoughts, and in my nightmare, I became the protagonist being chased by terrifying shrubs and bushes that had dagger like teeth. And I am running and running and it catches up to me, then it touches me, and I wake up to a piercing scream, unsurprisingly mine.

I turn to look at a grumpy, startled and mutinous- looking husband, who had put his arm over me in his sleep, and was unceremoniously woken up by my allegedly “irrational” scream. It was totally rational, in my opinion.

When this continued for about a week, in a state of sleep deprivation and utter frustration, he banned me from reading any more horror novels, or watching any scary movies and till date I ha ve gladly, meekly, uncharacteristically complied.

Should I risk reading Cujo?

Until next time



  1. I also suffer from the same fear. I can’t even sleep alone even though I’m 27 years. Even if it looks a childish fear, I suffer from it terribly.


  2. Two movies that hv stuck in my mind.”The haunting” the old black n white creepy version. Not th new one
    And The Poltergeist.. Heheh.. Jus suggesting

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