Being Human; Mom Blog.

My son is sick with a stomach bug he caught from preschool. The little guy’s being a trooper, and is almost out of the woods, but still needs momma to carry him all the time and refuses to sleep at night.

So, this morning when he was finally down for a nap, I looked in the mirror and saw someone with wild hair, dark circles from sleep deprivation and anxiety for her son, in a crumpled smelly pyjama.

No one really tells me that I am doing the best I can and some more. And that it is alright to make a few mistakes along the way. So, I decided to tell this to myself. And get some “me” time.

So, I took a bath, put on clean clothes , had a quick breakfast, put on lots of makeup (eyeshadow, contour, highlight , the works!), felt like a human being, felt a sense of accomplishment .

Having done that, I am going to sleep. Yes. I am! With lipstick on!


Makeup Break Up

1) Huda Beauty Faux filter foundation. Macchiato 410 (way too light for me).

2) Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette

3) NYX Powder Puff Lippie Pop Quiz

4) NARS Blush Orgasm.

5) MAC Prep and Prime Fix plus.

Until next time
# drlipstickgeek

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