Nizwa, Ad Dakhiliyah, Oman ; Travelogue.

Nizwa, Ad Dakhiliyah, Oman ; Travelogue.

Lately, my spirit has been wanting to wander a lot, but it doesn’t feel possible at the moment, because I am trying to build something for myself, and travelling doesn’t seem to be in the cards at this point.

But, I live in a beautiful country with excellent roads, and lots of places to explore. So, road tripping seems like the really obvious antidote to my wanderlust.

This year I have made a lot of shift in my perceptions. I have accepted that some things and some people really won’t change, and everyone else’s weight is not mine to carry. It feels so liberating to find myself in this mentsl space, because all my life I waited for things to happen , for others to make it happen for me. I waited for money, for time, for every si glee thing to be perfect and seamless, to really live.

But, guess what, I have realised ,if you do wait around for others to make your life to happen for you, it is going to be a really long and disappointing wait. I have calmed and changed myself enough to fit into a mould, and over the years ,I really don’t like the person I have changed into.

Even though it took me years , I have realised if I have to make my life interesting, I need to take charge. I need to go forward without worrying too much about the consequences. I need to the seize the day. Carpe Diem!!!

The blogging community has really inspired me to be the captain of my own soul.

Forgive me for the long intro on a travel blog. But I needed to just get it all out there.

Today’s been one of those days, which has me feeling really disillusioned. I haven’t travelled, I haven’t made money, I haven’t build anything. Have I really lived ? I know not all of it is true. I have lived somewhat, I think. But I just have the pre Monday blues .

So, I need to write something to pep up my self. So here goes:

Nizwa is an ancient city in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of northern Oman. It sits on a plain characterized by seasonal rivers and palm plantations. It’s known for Nizwa Fort, a castle with a huge tower to defend the city’s l7position on a major trade route. (Copied).

This is a courtyard inside the fort. The place looks really well maintained.

This picture speaks to me of a doorway to another time, perfect in its flawless symmetry.

The adjoining marketplace, Nizwa Souk, is lined with handicrafts stalls and silversmiths working in small shops.

There was an entry fee for the actual fort itself. It was like being transported to another time.

This prison really  made my hackles rise. To think, the injustices that may have happened in that very room. Just look at those restraints or are they torture devices.

This view of a nearby mosque from atop the fort, with that background of mountains felt surreal.

The following are some pictures I took from inside the fort.

Just look at that colourful woman’s garb, and those beautiful silver jwellery. The craftsmanship seems extraordinary.

There were some artifacts from that era like jwellery, clothes, crockery, guns all in pristine condition.

The outside of the fort was like a market place with lots of activity, local vendors, and tourists.

All in all , I think it was a day well spent.

If you happen to visit Oman, please check out Nizwa fort.

Until next time

Neema M Ali.


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