Hello my people

Let me introduce myself. I am a dreamer and also a certified dermatologist.

I practice the art of making sick people better and some people more beautiful. Yes, beauty is not skin deep and it does lie in the eyes of the beholder.Agreed. But why not use a little help to enhance your inner as well as outer beauty. I stumbled upon makeup blogs while perusing the interweb one day . Though I was a staunch believer in the natural look, I was thoroughly enamoured by makeup techniques, the sheer amount of products available, the expertise needed to contour,blend and highlight. I decided to try some of it myself. I got so excited that it was all I talked about. But I soon discovered that not everybody shared these interests or were not the least bit interested in what I had to say. So I thought why not write about some of the products. That way someone gets a good review and I get to show off. Hem!

Lipsticks have become an obsession of my mine. It is surprising because I spend most of my life owning not a single lipstick.

I knew lipsticks existed but I never gave them much thought. It was somewhere beyond the realm of my general understanding of everyday life. I was more of a gloss person. Dab on colourless or slightly pink, shimmery gloss and I was good to go.

Even when I did own lipsticks it was always just one at a time. And the colour was unfailingly in various shades of plum or berry. One look at my dusky skin tone and general diffidence around any sort of cosmetics, the sale’s assistants’ handed me a plum shade usually by Lakme, patted me on the back as if to sympathise with the lack of other colours that may suit me and send me on my way.

Even when I wore lipsticks to any event, I put on a light coat and smudged it,licked it and then wiped it, and wore it as a faint tint hardly visible under a microscope. Why did I bother anyway you might ask? Ermm. Do not ask that I shall say.

It was quite late in life that I stumbled upon makeup blogs, tutorials and came across lipstick related terms like matte, creme, feathering, staying power,tranfer proof etc etc and my mind was blown. And lipsticks were not just for the “My fair ladies” as I was led to believe. There were colours for everyone. Wow! A peek into a whole new world of vibrant colors and I was hooked.

But again there was a slight problem. Almost all reviews had a single line on suitability for dusky skin tones, Indian skin tones and they all suggested that these colors in peach, pink, mauve etc “may” wash out darker skin tones.

Something in me bristled and I thought to myself, “No way, I am not listening to these opinions unless I see for myself how much washed out I look personally. ” And hasn’t anybody seen Lupita Onyongo rock those lighter shades. C’mon people, come out from under your rocks.

Thus began my lipstick madness. If I was sad I bought a lipstick, if I was happy I bought one. If I was PMSing I got a vibrant colour to feel better. I traipsed around the house with multicolored smiles. I learnt about the correct method of lipstick application. (At least, I tried to)
I learnt to hide lip pigmentation. Though I could list the causes of lip pigmentation,and could suggest treatments for them in my sleep, being a Dermatologist and all. I never really gave much thought to hiding them under makeup. I learnt the difference between matte and creme. And most importantly I learnt to rock any lipstick look at any time of the day. Bravo! (pats self on the back smugly).

So here,I will share some reviews about the lipsticks,eye makeup and other stuff I will discover along the way. Which Indian girl can lie without her kohl? I am no makeup expert though I AM a skin expert (hrmphhh!).I hope this helps you choose wisely and invest in some colours that shall surely brighten up your day as they did mine.

Come along my friends, let our journey begin.